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Rental Terms & Conditions

BRYANS CAR RENTALS, LTD, hereby called the “Lessor”, hereby rents to the person whose signature appears on the Agreement (hereinafter called the “Renter”), the vehicle described under the following terms and conditions.

  1. Renter will return the vehicle, together with all tires, tools, accessories, child car seats, booster seats, and equipment (including beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers, snorkel masks, fins, and other beach equipment rentals), other specified miscellaneous items on the rental agreement for Bryans Car Rentals Ltd. on the date specified on page I of the agreement, or sooner upon demand by Lessor.
  1. The vehicle will not be operated:
  • to propel or tow any vehicle or trailer or any other objects;
  • to transport kayaks, surfboards, paddleboards, or similar;
  • to transport pets or animals;
  • to move any furniture or large household items;
  • to move construction equipment or building materials;
  • in any race, test, or contest;
  • by any other person than the renter or authorized drivers recorded on this rental agreement.
  • by anyone under the age of 25 years.
  1. Renter acknowledges personal liability.
  • All parking charges and all fines, charges, costs for parking, traffic, or other legal or traffic violations caused through the fault of the Renter;
  • Lessor’s costs to repair collision or upset damages to the vehicle, whether or not due to Renter’s fault, except in any case where the vehicle is operated in accordance with all the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the Renter has accepted and paid the charge specified for collision damage waiver set out on page l, in which case the Renter’s liability shall be limited to US$1,100.00 and all the liability in excess of US$1,100.00 shall be waived.
  1. Renter hereby indemnifies, releases, and holds harmless the Lessor and its employees of any liability for loss or damage to any property left, stored, or transported by Renter or any other person in or upon the vehicle before, during, or after the term of this agreement or after the return of the vehicle to Lessor. Renter shall furthermore defend and indemnify Lessor against all claims based upon or arising out of such loss or damage.
  1. Notwithstanding any of the provisions of this contract, the Renter shall be fully responsible for any and all damages to the vehicle caused by driving over the legal speed limits, leaving the key in the unattended vehicle or leaving the vehicle unlocked, or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or caused by any other irresponsible action by the Renter or other unauthorized operators. The Renter shall prove that the vehicle has been operated in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.
  1. Lessor reserves the right to repossess the vehicle at all times if the terms and conditions of this Agreement are not adhered to by Renter and/or authorized operator.
  1. Renter is obliged to report any and all occurrences pertinent to the vehicle, such as accidents, damage, theft, etc., within two hours thereafter to both the Police Department and Lessor. Failing to do so, Renter can be held responsible for all damages even though insurance is accepted.
  1. Additional rental fees may apply:
    • LATE RETURN FEE: Rental times are based on a 24-hour basis. There is a 30-minute grace period for returns. Hourly rate charges may apply for vehicles returned between 30 minutes to 3 hours late ($15 per hour). Seasonal daily rates may apply for vehicles returned more than 3 hours past the rental start time.
    • REFUELING FEE: All vehicles are rented on a full tank. Vehicles not returned to a full tank will be charged the gas pump price to refuel the vehicle, plus a flat $20 refueling fee per transaction.
    • ANIMAL/PET FEE: up to $100 for auto detailing
    • SMOKING FEE: up to $250 for auto detailing
    • LOST KEYS: up to $250 replacement fee for lost or damaged car keys

Cancellation Policy: We understand that you may need to cancel your reservation. As a courtesy, we ask that you call or e-mail us 48 hours in advance to cancel. This allows us to adjust our schedule accordingly.